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Guidance The traditional raw materials of ceramics are clay, quartz, feldspar, etc. The advanced raw materials are various oxides, carbides, nitrides, etc. The open data show that the energy saving of dry pulverized coal is more than 70%, and the cost of pulverized coal is reduced by more than 20%. In addition to significant economic benefits, dry pulverized coal has obvious social benefits. According to the data published by mature enterprises, under the condition of the same quality of ceramic tiles, the comprehensive skill effect of dry pulverizing process is more than 47% than that of traditional wet pulverizing process, the operation workers of raw material workshop can be reduced by 50% or more, the use of raw material workshop can be reduced by 60%, the emission of exhaust gas can be reduced by 50%-60%, and the water saving is 80%, energy saving is 30%, fuel saving is 50% . Specific targets for…(1) Grinding Stage: After crushing the material, it is fed to the grinder for grinding. After separating the powder by the classifier, the finished material which meets the fineness standard enters the powder collection stage under the action of airflow. (2) Collecting Stage: The dust gas enters the cyclone collector. Under the action of centrifugal force, most of the fine powder is separated and collected by cloth bags. The final fine powder is transported to the next stage. (3) Finished Product Stage: After grinding, the finished product is conveyed directly to the next process through screw feeder, humidified and granulated, and the powder particles with about 10-12% moisture content are obtained. After drying and vibration classification, the product is stale.

Powder Requirements

(1) Used for making tile

Shale ceramic raw materials after grinding, through granulation, ball pressing and other processes to produce glazed tile. At present, the market prospects are broad.,voyeur web

super boobs anal sez (2) Used for making pottery plates

Ceramic plates are made of various ceramic materials, which are grinded and mixed in a certain proportion. ,pornshow

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